The positive volumes trend recorded since the beginning of 2011 keeps going, with July to reach 36.669 teu (the highest cntr volume ever moved in one month at the container terminal of the Port of Trieste ).
The first sevent month of 2011 show a + 21,48% (210.137 teu) compared to the same period of 2010.
Details of statistics are available in the dedicated page of this web site.  

With 36.563 teu moved, June 2011 is the highest month in terms of volumes in the Port of Trieste and Trieste container terminal history.
The total volumes (teu) moved from January 2011 is 173.468, + 18,4% compared to the first semester 2010 and, again, the higehst semester recorder till today.
The total number of vessels calling TMT during the first 6 months of 2011 has been of 339 units, with + 23,3% compared to 2010.
Details of the monthly performances are available in the "statistics" section of this web site.


Information and presentations related to the Hinterport Project Event held in Marseille on May 17th and 18th are now available on

A significant attendance among the Bavarian Freight Forwarders and the Logistics Operators Community has been recorded for the Promotional Event held on May 11th by Trieste Marine Terminal during the Transport Logistics Fair at Munich.

A presentation of Trieste Marine Terminal and the intermodal connections with Hungary, together with the new T.O.Delta's Hungarian office, have been carried out during an "event"  held at Budapest Bilk terminal on March 10th. 
The market appreciated the practical cut given to the event, with T.O.Delta and Trieste Marine Terminal reporting, in a sort of round table with the operators, about the present and future development of Trieste with and for the Hungarian market players.

Being partner of the Hinterport Project, Trieste Marine Terminal will partecipate to the event "Innovative solutions and strategic approach" to the railways and barge business development, which will be hosted by the Port of Antwerp on March 3rd .
The event aims to forster business dialogue between Hinterport Community and transport stackeholders in order to henance the policy, operational and infrastructural dimension of the port-hinterland integration.

The first full block train linking Trieste with Szolnok (Hungary) departed from TMT on Monday evening properly delivered its cargo on Wednesday early morning in Szolnok.

With effect from February 1st 2011 a fourth service to Trieste has been added by MSC to further improve the connection with TMT and strongly speed up the transit times from the Far East and from Turkey.

As far as the Far East traffics are concerned, MV St. Vincente (1513 teus capacity) will regularly and directly link Gioia Tauro with Trieste in  2 days only, allowing the cargo from Far East to quickly reach TMT without any additional port call in between.
Some examples of the new transit times are reported here below:

Up to some years ago the Japanese Line used to be one of the most important carrier calling Trieste. In few days they'll be back to TMT with a weekly service connecting China and Far East with Taranto and Trieste.  

CMA-CGM Berlioz, departing from Shanghai on January 24th, will be the first vessel of the Phoenixian-AE12 service to call Trieste twice a week, with a first call to discharge the import traffic and a second call to load the export cargo only few days later.With this move, the two shipping Lines aim to strongly improve the transit time to/from Trieste, reducing it by almost 1 week compared to the former rotation, optimizing the import delivery and the export receipt.