TMT, growing traffic by sea and rail

Constant traffic increase at Trieste Marine Terminal in October, following the very positive trend already registered in September for both vessel and rail cargo.

In October, a +15.8% in TEUs has been recorded, compared to the same period of last year. The +52.5% reported by the rail sector – in respect of October 2021 – is both due to the fact that October 2022 was the best month ever in terms of performance, and because October 2021 represented quite a peculiar phase, due to events related to the pandemic. The positive sign is also influenced by the increasing rail connections on the Italian territory, which confirm TMT as a solid point of reference for traffic to and from the Far East. Thanks to reduction in transit time to/from the main European capitals, and the consequent lower environmental impact in the overall transport chain, the container terminal of Trieste represents the best choice for an increasing number of national and international customers.