Terms of Use

  1. This web site belongs to Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT). The access and utilization of this web site can be carried out under the here below terms and conditions. Before using the web site, the user declares to have read the below terms and conditions and to respect the lows ruling the web sites access. Should the user not to agree to what is mentioned in this document, he must not enter and utilize the web site.

    This web site has been created with the aim to give information about trieste Marine Terminal and its activities.
    It is forbidden to reproduce, to create any derived material, distribute, represent or display any information, without prior Trieste Marine Terminal’s written consent, except for the downloading and storing of a copy for personal and non-commercial use. Any kind of unauthorized use of the information is forbidden. Furthermore, the publication, transmission, adaptation with the purpose of forwarding data to third people or of publishing as well as the direct/indirect redistribution by any means, of textual, photographic, graphic, audio and/or video (collectively the “Materials”) are prohibited. None of these Materials or part of them can be archived on one’s own PC except for personal and non-commercial use. The access to the information of the web site dos not include any license to reproduce or to distribute them.
  2. Only the customers having a contract or a deal with Trieste Marine terminal can have access to the reserve area “booking area” of this web site. The interested customers can require to Trieste Marine Terminal for relevant authorization. Information provided by these customers about its Company and activity must be correct, true and complete and the customer confirms to always maintain such information updated and to communicate any change to Trieste Marine Terminal. The customer properly registered will be provided with a username and a password which must be properly stored with care and must not be communicated to unauthorized people. No password or account will be provided before the authorization process completion.
    Trieste Marine Terminal will inform the authorized Companies via e-mail and the authorized companies must communicate to Trieste Marine Terminal any change about the accesses. If necessary, the Company full access situation will be provided by TMT on request.
  3. At any time TMT can modify or suspend the account and/or the password and all the web site services or part of them. Some functions or accesses can be limited or forbidden without pre-notice and without responsibilities for TMT.
  4. TMT does not guarantee the information reported in the web site are complete, precise and correct and underline that printed web site pages cannot have legal value. The user confirms that TMT cannot be held responsible for any direct or un-direct damage or loss due to improper or against low utilization of the web site information.
    The user must always check with TMT the correctness and accuracy of the information reported on the web site before utilizing them.
  5. The copyright oft the information reported in this web site belongs to Trieste Marine Terminal and remains of its property.
  6. The user utilizes the web site at his own risk. All the information available are “like they are” and “when available”. TMT, its shareholders or controlled companies, its management and employees, agents and or representatives are not responsible for mistakes or omissions, and for the consequences of the above utilization.
  7. TMT is in no case responsible for any possible direct, indirect, accidental, or consequential damages, deriving or arising from the use or the impossibility to use the services of this Website due to unauthorized access, alteration or transmission of data contained in this web site or due to any other event related to the utilization of the web site.
  8. The Website can contain links or pointers to other websites and web resources. Links from and to the Website towards other websites administrated by third people do not imply TMT’s approval, either as regards third people’s websites or their contents. Any request or doubt concerning links to external websites outside this Website must be addressed to the administrator of the above-mentioned websites. TMT is not responsible for any damage or virus or other events able to jeopardize/destroy the user’s informatics systems, its software, harder or other IT systems.
  9. Any dispute arising from this Agreement will have to be submitted to the Italian jurisdiction and exclusively to the competence of the Court of Justice of Trieste.

Privacy Rules for the customers

TMT can utilize the information received by the customers for the management of the data of this web site These information are treated in a spirit of full collaboration with the customer.
The above statement is applicable for the interconnections with the customer’s web site. It is not applicable for interactions with “non customers”.

The accesses of the customers to this web sits are recorded: TMT can identify the activities carried out by the customers on the web site.
TMT respects the privacy of its users. TMT does not publish the information recorded trough the web site and pertaining to its customers. Anyway, TMT can be compelled to communicate the above information if this is required by low, by Court’s acts or by legal procedures.