Hanjin's Delegation at Trieste to welcome the Hanjin Mundra's arrival at TMT

The arrival of the first Hanjin's vessel at TMT has been the occasion for a Korean carrier's delegation to visit the terminal and to welcome the 4500 teus vessel Hanjin Mundra at Trieste. 

"We are very happy to have our first vessel here in Trieste", Mr Cho, member of the board of directors of Hanjin Italy, said this morning. "We strongly belive Trieste can be the natural door for Austrian, South Germany and eastern EU Countries for Hanjin and, also thanks to the very good collaboration with TMT, we strongly work on the market to develop our AAX service via Trieste.

Hanjin Mundra is one of the eight vessels deployed on the just established new joint weekly direct service to Trieste. The other partners of the service are Hyundai, Yang Ming and Uasc, with two vessels each.

Trieste Marine Terminal and Trieste Port Authority delivered a crest to the Captain of Hanjin Mundra to celebarte the arriaval of the vessel.