The current shipping industry situation and the necessity to obtain the economy of scale brought the Shipping Lines to the inevitable creation of large-scale alliances: 2M and Ocean3 have been set up, whilst Evergreen strengthened the collaboration with CKYH creating CKYHE.

In this scenario, the Port of Trieste, in particular Trieste Marine Terminal, have been involved in all the Alliances’ service patterns: three ocean services, that  include 11 Shipping Lines, are now deployed in the Adriatic Sea and call at TMT with a wide range of origins and destinations for both Italian and Central/Eastern EU logistic operators.

This important development in the shipping setup, together with the significant investments carried out by Trieste Marine Terminal on its infrastructures, equipment and rail network, make Trieste one of the most efficient, fast and reliable solution to route the central/eastern European cargo to/from Far East and Middle East (on top of the traditional Mediterranean market).

We are glad to inform that in this contest, and following the infrastructural and marketing strategic investment plan, Mr. Franz Kastner has been “welcomed on board” as Trieste Marine Terminal’s Representative in Wien. 
Mr. Kastner, a very well-known professional in the Austrian market, is ,and will be, the point of connection between Austrian customers and TMT, and will support the development and expansion of our services in Austria. 
With this move, Trieste completes the first step of its marketing representative structure improvement, that comprises offices in South Germany, Austria and Hungary.

Mr. Kastner is at your disposal at the following email address: