EVOlution of the Trieste-Austria rail network

TRIESTE - Starting from week 14, the new “EVO” intermodal services will link directly Trieste to the Austrian terminals of Wien South, Linz and Wolfurt.

The deployment of these new services comply with strategy to keep enlarging and improving the already existing Trieste intermodal services network into Austria, further increasing the number of direct trains to/from the main Austrian terminals. The EVOlution will involve the following direct train services, which will upgrade the already existing Julia System:
Wien and Linz
Rotation: Trieste Marine Terminal - Wien - Linz - Trieste Marine Terminal
Departure from Trieste on Tuesday at 04.30, arrival in Wien Süd trml on Tuesday at 15.30
Departure from Wien Süd trml on Wednesday at 09.00, arrival in Linz trml on Wednesday at 12.25
Departure from Linz trml on Wednesday at 23.15, arrival in Trieste on Thursday at 09.45
Rotation: Trieste Marine Terminal - Wolfurt - Trieste Marine Terminal
Departure from Trieste on Thursday at 18.30, arrival in Wolfurt on Friday at 08.00
Departure from Wolfurt on Friday at 23.00, arrival in Trieste on Saturday at 13.53