Mascalzone Latino departs to the Far East from Trieste's Molo VII

TRIESTE - Mascalzone Latino the race sailing boat from shipowner Vincenzo Onorato, was embarked today with destination to the Far East.
The Cookskoon 50 which recently won the 2017 ORC world title in class “A”, will be participating  at the "Volvo Hong Kong to Vietnam" and at the end of the year to the "Sidney to Hobart". Two important boat races which confirm the the dedication to maintaining a high level of performance from the team, while considerations are being made for the upcoming America’s Cup. A competition which normally doesn’t accept this type of boat but Onorato has said that if the rules should change and allow single hull boats to participate, he would be ready to return to the prestigious race. In the meantime Trieste Marine Terminal confirms itself as point of reference for this kind of shipments alongside its regular container activities.