New direct block-train connection between Salzburg and Trieste

With effect from June 8th 2016 a new direct service will be provided between Salzburg and Trieste. This new service has been developed in partnership with Rail Cargo Operator and Società Alpe Adria S.p.A. and will be initially based on two round trips per week between Salzburg and Trieste without any intermediate stops, thus providing and ensuring a quick and efficient intermodal transport solution for your cargo. Please find in following all operational details:

Salzburg CCT (dep. 19:00)  – Trieste (arr. 06:31):

Day of travel

Booking deadline

Cargo Delivery deadline in Salzburg


Tue 12:00

Wed 17:00


Thu 12:00

Fri 17:00

Trieste (dep. 16:20) – Salzburg CCT (arr. 02:31):

Day of travel

Booking deadline

Cargo deadline

Available for Delivery in Salzburg


Mon 12:00

Tue 10:00

Wed 10:00


Wed  12:00

      Thu 10:00

Fri 10:00


The connections between Trieste and the terminals of Linz Stadthafen CCT, Vienna Freudenau CCT, Vienna NWB, Villach and Wolfurt – will continue to be provided within the Julia Shuttle service network at the same high service quality and thus create further attractive intermodal connection options for quantities of goods between Trieste and Austria.

For further information and assistance regarding the Salzburg-Trieste service or the Julia shuttle please do not hesitate to contact:

Mrs. Milica Milosevic on +39 040 3186470 or
Mr. Marco Zollia on +39 040 3186405 or
Mr. Ivica Spajic on +43 (0) 664 6170122 or
Mr. Fabio Giberna on +39 040 639233 or