Port of Trieste, 80 million Euro granted for European projects

TRIESTE - A total budget of 80 million euro and 15 million of co-financing are the resources available to the Port Authority system of the northern Adriatic for European planning and development.
“Strengthening the field of research through finances available from the national and regional communities is a priority. A competitive port needs a strategy that values not only the development of infrastructures, but also areas of knowledge and innovation by sustaining a continuous dialogue with the research agencies in the territory”. Said port authority president, Zeno D’Agostino.
The financing programs are distributed from CEF (Connecting Europe Facilities), Horizon 2020, Interreg Med, Interreg Spazio Alpino, Interreg Central Europe and Interreg ADRION. The authority is partner of nine projects with: infrastructures (NAPA4CORE e Adri-Up), sustainable mobility for cruisers (LOCATIONS), information technology (PORTIS), measures of environmental sustainability (SUPAIR, TalkNET), a study of rail transport optimization (AlpInnoCT, ISTEN) and a study to improve the cooperation between harbour stakeholders (Cluster 2.0).