Solas regulation (Vgm) at Trieste marine terminal

As you are aware starting from July 1st 2016 will be implemented the new rule of Solas Convention

Chapter VI/2 that requires a Verified Gross Mass for each laden container destined to be loaded on board of a vessel.
On May 5th Italian Authorities issued a decree (Decreto Dirigenziale 447/2016) that recognized the guide lines mentioned in the IMO Circular MSC.1/1475 as practical procedure for new Solas rule. Based on above, Trieste Marine Terminal S.p.A. would like to inform of the following:

· We confirm that 1 weighing station has been activated at our Terminal, which is able to determine the verified gross mass of the container
· VGM weighing can be requested for container arriving via truck as well as via rail
· The VGM weighing request must be asked prior to arrival of container at the Terminal, and must be sent via mail to the following address: at least 4 hours before container arrival and can be asked only by those clients who are accredited (ie customers who have already a client code).
· Weighing operations will be available during the same working hours of the gate-in.
· The weight certification will be invoiced and sent to the requestor of the operation. We would like to remind once again that the responsibility to provide the VGM lies with the SHIPPER. The SHIPPER will have to communicate the VGM weight to the Shipping Companies in time, and in accordance with the Shipping line’s procedure in order to load containeronboard.
· The cost of the weighing service is to be considered experimental and subject to
evaluation, until further notice, the following tariff will be applied:
1. Euro 45,00/per container
2. Euro 80,00/per container (ONLY RAIL), in case request arrives after container
stacking on yard
· The service will be available for all export containers from 01st July 2016.
We would like to remind, as per our previous communication, especially in this first phase, that it would be desirable that as many containers as possible arrive at the Terminal with VGM. The booking data can be sent via COPARN, generated by the shipping lines or by registered operators through our reserved area of our web page and which will have to be sent before the arrival of the container at the Terminal.

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We remain at your disposal for any further queries or information you may require.