TMT halts first half-year growth after record-breaking years

TRIESTE - TMT recorded a substantially stable semester (+ 0.11%) at the container terminal of Molo VII in the Port of Trieste. This is a figure that shows the lack of growth, even record-breaking, which had characterized the previous years.

The cause is to be found in the linked emergency of the Covid-19 virus pandemic on the world economy and international traffic, including those via Trieste, with South and Eastern Europe. On the other hand, there was a decrease (-12.7%) as regards Teu moved by rail. If analyzed in detail, the data tell of some European destinations affected more than others and of growing areas despite the general decline in industrial production. The forecast is that of limiting losses compared to rail traffic, pending the desired turnaround but without certainties. In fact, the Covid-19 virus has not disappeared but continues to affect countries such as the USA, Brazil, India, Africa and, with a second wave, also China and Eastern Europe. In the meantime, it should be noted that the Port of Trieste continues with its program to strengthen rail services to Central and Eastern Europe, with news that also concerns the Italian territory.