Trieste Marine Terminal, a record-breaking 2017: container at +21.6%, volumes via train at +47.7%

TRIESTE - During 2017, 546,660 Teus were moved by TMT at Pier VII of the Port of Trieste. In the same year, volumes shipped and received by rail increased by 47.7%.
Therefore, compared to 2016, the Teus passed through the container terminal managed by TMT grew by 21.6%, while the number of containers - which at the end of the year stood at 352.484 units - rose by 20.97%, always compared to the previous year. These are two historical records for the terminal - despite the instability of the markets -, as a result of the attention constantly paid to investments both in the equipment and in the railway. When reading the data, it should be pointed out how the high increase in intermodal traffic, in addition to providing a substantial contribution to the national record marked by the Port of Trieste, plays a significant role for the sustainability of the industrial system. A large number of trains, in fact, translates into hundreds of trucks taken off the road and therefore into less environmental pollution, considering traffic growth. "2018 offers good prospects – stated Fabrizio Zerbini, President of TMT – and it goes without saying that we will aim to break the last year’s record. The results for 2017 have also been achieved thanks to all the terminal workers: I am sure that new goals will be achieved also by confirming the commitment of those who work every day".