With effect form the beginning of October, Evergreen Line will add additional space and will strongly improve their service to the Adriatic area. Ever Summit 0154-027w, with etd Shanghai 06/10 - eta Taranto il 27/10, will be the first vessel of their CES service from China to Med and Europe to call the port of Taranto on the westbound leg.

Yesterday the Prefect of Trieste Dr. Alessandro Giacchetti visited Trieste Marine Terminal.
The Italian Government's representative confirmed the significant interest of its Institution in the developing of Trieste Marine Terminal infrastructure and traffics. A particular focus has been put on the close collaboration between the operators and the institution Dr. Giacchetti represents in order to keep on increasing the competitive position of the Port of Trieste in the international scenario.

With effect from August 1st 2010 the Port Authority of Trieste decided to cut by 60% the Anchorage Tax paid on yearly basis at Trieste Port for the container vessels. The reduction is applicable to vessels over 40.000 tons (gross tonnage) deployed on direct oceanic services, as reported in detail in the “Ordinanza n 56” of the Port Authority of Trieste.

The arrival of the first Hanjin's vessel at TMT has been the occasion for a Korean carrier's delegation to visit the terminal and to welcome the 4500 teus vessel Hanjin Mundra at Trieste. 

"We are very happy to have our first vessel here in Trieste", Mr Cho, member of the board of directors of Hanjin Italy, said this morning. "We strongly belive Trieste can be the natural door for Austrian, South Germany and eastern EU Countries for Hanjin and, also thanks to the very good collaboration with TMT, we strongly work on the market to develop our AAX service via Trieste.

With effect from August 2nd, the renewed Maersk’s Alex service will call Trieste on weekly basis.
The service will deploy three 1000 teu capacity vessels (M/V Magnos, M/V Manarias and M/V Maersk Arun) with the following rotation:
Trieste-Ravenna-Pireus-Limassol-Ashdod-Port Said-Alexadria-Limassol-Koper-Trieste.

With effect from middle July, Cosco's AFS service will tranship all the Adriatic carco in Pireus (instead of Gioia tauro). This move allows the Line to reduce the former transit time to/from Trieste, improving the connections with the mother vessels to/from far east and other origins/destinations. The new rotation becomes Trieste- Koper-Venezia-Ancona-Gioia Tauro-Pireus-Rijeka-Trieste. 

With effect from April 2010 the Cosco’s Adriatic service started calling Trieste Marine Terminal on regular basis.

Thanks to the last months volumes growth and to the efforts carried out by the rail operators, with effect from May 12th the fourth weekly block train connection from Trieste to Villach has been reactivated.

This additional train link (through Villach) further strengthens the connections between Trieste and Salzburg, Linz, Wien, Wolfurth and Graz, thus giving to the Austrian customers an additional tool for their import/export traffics via Trieste.

With the first departure from Pusan on may 30th, Hanjin, Hyundai, Yang Ming and Uasc start a new joint Far East direct service to the Adriatic Sea and Trieste.

Hyundai Supreme is the first ship of the new direct Hyundai, Hanjin, Yang Ming and Uasc’s joint FE-Adriatic service to call at Trieste Marine terminal.

The 4.700 teus vessel berthed at TMT this morning as planned.