TRIESTE -  Trieste Marine Terminal is glad to inform that starting from week 9 a second rail service from/to Burghausen will be available to the market, directly linking Trieste Marine Terminal and KTB terminal in Bavaria every week.
The first import departure from Trieste will be on March 3rd and from Burghausen in export on March 5th.
This new service will be open to every operator and contributes to the offer for the German market that TMT is continuing to expand and optimize.
TRIESTE - For the first time in its history, TMT overcomes 500,000 teu handled in a year. The record has been reached during the operation of MV Grete Maersk on November 30th.
TRIESTE - «We aim to close the year with 600,000 TEU», stated Zeno D’Agostino, president of the Trieste Port Authority. His words well describe the positive trend that is characterizing the traffic of the port of Trieste, with a new record for trains and containers.
TRIESTE - The total volumes handled at Trieste Marine Terminal during October 2017 record a +25% compared to October 2016. Moreover, in the first ten months of 2017, TMT registers a significant growth (+22.4% in Teu) compared to the same period of last year.
TRIESTE - The reliability of the intermodal connections and how to better serve the Hungarian market have been the main topics of the presentation carried out by the Sales and Marketing Manager of TMT, Marco Zollia, in the event organized and promoted by the NavigátorVilág on November 8th-9th in Budapest.
TRIESTE – Trieste Marine terminal has upgraded its terminal operating system to Navis, one of the most modern and efficient software on the market.
TRIESTE - September data of Trieste Marine Terminal confirm the positive volumes trend recorded during the summer. The first 9 months of 2017 read over 410.000 teu handled at TMT, which bring the forecast for the whole year close to 550.000 teu.
TRIESTE – "Hungary is becoming Trieste’s first reference market, as for its Port’s railway container traffic”, stated in Budapest Zeno D’Agostino – President of the Port Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea – highlighting the importance of the two-day presentations of the Port of Trieste within the Hungarian capital.
TRIESTE – From 9th September this year a new rail service has been set up for the Czech Republic which connects directly Trieste and Paskov. At the moment there are one/two trains per week available, which further contribute to enlarge the rail network that TMT already has.

TRIESTE - The volumes of Trieste Marine Terminal, the container terminal of the port of Trieste, confirm the growing trend of the last months.

With a total of 46.866 TEU moved in August, the terminal registers a volume growth of +14% compared to same period last year, resulting in an overall performance in the first 8 months of this year increased by +20%. The volume increase continues to be significantly supported by the implementation of new services and increased rail frequencies offered especially for Central and Eastern European markets.